VOLUNTEER NEED: Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager responsibilities:

  • Communicate what we’re doing and how people can help through regular posts on multiple channels—starting with Instagram and Facebook

  • Curate and create compelling content—photos, video, audio and the written word—by attending cleanups, events and through personal outreach

  • Coordinate with other Aloha Lives Here digital team members

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VOLUNTEER NEED: Volunteer Manager

Volunteer Manager responsibilities

  • Field inquiries and interest from new volunteers

  • Build relationships of accountability and trust

  • Match volunteers with appropriate roles

  • Support fundraising for a permanent place for Puʻuhonua O Waiʻanae and other team initiatives—i.e., by coordinating house parties, outreach to local businesses and other grassroots efforts

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Design Team roles & responsibilities:

  • Civil Engineering - Site analysis, utility checks, site design, NPDES

  • Planning - site planning, environmental assessments, community engagement, entitlements

  • Architects - building design, permit drawings, DPP coordination

  • Development project manager - scheduling, budgeting, team coordination

  • Real Estate attorney - land acquisition, entitlements

  • Contractors - cost estimating, design assist

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